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The Bute Wood Spoiler

"The wood always dictates the final form"

I started wood turning in the 1960's, whilst at school on the Isle of Wight. My father and uncle were creative craftsmen, with a large workshop making pottery and turned items for sale in their retail shop.

Pottery, ceramics and hand crafted wooden items  were constantly produced in the winter months for sale to the masses of holiday makers who descended each summer on the town of Ventnor in the south of the Isle of Wight.

Now residing on the beautiful Isle of Bute, off the West Coast of Scotland, after a hiatus of some 50 years, I have returned to wood turning (or "wood spoiling" ) as it was described by my woodwork master at Sandown Grammar School in the 60's. His constant rhetoric of "measure twice, cut once" has remained in my memory for over half a century.

The inspiration of seeing the finished item, emerging from a mystery blank of wood constantly encourages me to improve and strive for a greater standard of workmanship.

Please browse through my shop and if you are encouraged to make a purchase, your custom will be much appreciated.

Tim Saul

Native Scottish hardwoods are used whenever possible and I source quality timber from Scottish and English sawmills.

Favourite timbers include Scottish and English oak, beech, yew, elm, sycamore and more exotic hardwoods from sustainable sources, such as sapele, mahogany and lignum vitae.

I use Olive wood from Southern Italy, Cyprus and Israel as available.

Contact me using this form if you would like me to make something especially for you
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